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Sweeping Exits - Glitter and Blood cassette

Sweeping Exits' Glitter and Blood is out June 9th! Orders will ship on or around that date!

"Their long awaited first full length album, Glitter & Blood takes you through this world, song by song. The album is an accounting of a powerful queer vampire rockstar; who exists within the queer-centric world the band has created, is crowned Queen of the Vampires, and eventually brings about the downfall of the human race. Despite the seemingly terrifying subject matter, the album is anything but just doom and gloom – it’s catchy as hell, empowering, and validating. Glitter & Blood marries the sound of 80s glam rock like David Bowie and Blondie with the vigor and passionate aggression of bands like G.L.O.S.S. and Dyke Drama. As an all Trans band, Sweeping Exits offer us a world of queer liberation, strength, and power – a world very different from our own, a world that many need and deserve." - Delaney Motter, The Alternative